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Annual Book Fair Huge Success

BOOK FAIR AND STORYTELLING NIGHT A HUGE SUCCESS A massive thank you to all the incredible volunteers who helped to make this year's Book Fair another success. Over $3,700 was raised through sales that will directly help PTA funded events and resources. The success is defined by the numbers as follows:

  • 1,500 books sold

  • 4,500 reading hours

  • $15,100 in gross sales

  • $3,775 raised in funding

  • $1,000+ in books donated

  • 61 parents, grandparents, and family volunteers

  • 12 student volunteers

  • 6 middle school community service volunteers

  • 10 Page staff and KAH volunteers

  • 100% teacher participation

  • 610 student readers

  • 7 Page PTA Board members

Thank you again for all of the volunteers and those that purchased books during the Book Fair. This is our largest fundraiser and one of our most popular events, and it can only be successful with PENGUIN PRIDE!

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