Community Message from Principal Stacey Brown

6/4/2020 7:39 pm Good Evening Page Community, This week I felt compelled to stop and reflect on the unrest that has managed to wedge its way into our new normal of COVID-19. In a recent meeting with some staff members, we had courageous conversations about the ongoing protest, civil unrest, and racist actions of police officers on African American men, women, and boys.   During the discussion I reflected on my emotions and reaction to the “8 minute and 46 second” video of George Floyd.  I could not believe what I was watching. This was not an action movie or an episode of a TV show, this was REAL. How could this be possible? There was video, there were cameras, and there were other police officers. I also shared in the meeting that each day I take a break from social media, because the news broadcast and comments are taking a toll on me. During this time I reflect on the impact these events may be having on my daughter, specific Page students, families, and staff members.  Each year the staff has professional development trainings on race and equity. We know that conversations about race are not finite and our work to bring about real change, justice, and equality will never end.  So I asked the staff this week to think about race and ask yourself:  What are YOU doing? Are YOU doing enough? If not, what are YOU going to do about it? What can YOU do differently? What guidance and support can we give You?  So Page families, what are you going to do differently and what happens now? If we were in school, we might have lessons or have Mrs. I speak to students about their feelings or even have a class