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Staff And Teacher Appreciation Week | May 4-8

Page Families,

This week - May 4 - 8 is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. The staff at Page has gone above and beyond to continue education using distance learning. Students and Parents show the staff how much you appreciate them this week!

MONDAY - Make someone smile!! - Make a picture thanking your teachers for all of their hard work.  Show the picture during your Zoom meeting.

TUESDAY - Take a picture or draw a picture with flowers and send it by email or ClassDojo to a staff member you appreciate.

WEDNESDAY - Words matter - send an email or ClassDojo Message to your teacher or staff member to show your appreciation.

THURSDAY - Tag us on Twitter @WTPagePenguins or on ClassDojo with a "Shout Out" for a Staff member.

FRIDAY - Wear your teacher’s favorite color during your Zoom meeting!! Make sure you ask your teacher.

Ms. Brown

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