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Drop Off / Pick Up / Parking


To drive your child(ren) to school and/or pick them up from school instead of walking or taking bus transportation, it is expected that parents follow the below rules to ensure the safety and security of parents, students, and the surrounding community. Due to the combination of increased number of students enrolled at Page and more severe winter weather, our designated car loop drop-off area on the side of the building has increased. Thus, creating more traffic during the busy morning hours both on the street and in the parking lot. It is your responsibility to set an example for your child(ren) that safety is important and rules are meant to be followed.


Parents must use the school's designated drop off/pickup loop on the north side of the building. Plan your mornings accordingly to arrive in the car loop at 8:40 a.m.

Do not attempt to use the front driveway loop (fire lane) to park or drop off your student as this is designated for buses only, and you may be assessed a $250 fine by the MoCo Police Dept for illegally parking.

If you choose to walk a child to the entrance, please drive to the back of the parking lot and use open spots closest to that area. Proceed to the sidewalk in the back, which takes you to the drop off area on the side of the building. Do not walk your student(s) through the parking lot as there is increased traffic. Nor should you allow your student to get out of the car in the middle of the parking lot and expect them to walk to the drop off area on their own.

Do not park your car on Tamarack Rd in front of either side to drop off or retrieve your child(ren). This adds to overall congestion, confusion, and jeopardizes the safety of all individuals in the area.


Students are considered LATE when they arrive to school after the 9:00 a.m. start time. If your child(ren)is late, you are expected to escort the child(ren) into the office to receive a pass to get into class.


Car Rider Dismissal begins at 3:19 p.m. We do not call students any earlier than that time.


Enter the parking lot and proceed to the back of the lot to form a line from the side entrance pickup area. During peak times, the line can and will extend onto Tamarack Rd. Please ensure you are being safe due to that increased traffic and congestion of cars, buses, and foot traffic.


If all parents follow these rules, it helps in achieving the goal of getting our students out as efficiently and safely as possible. Practice patience, please!


  • Please post your number on your rearview mirror with the number facing out so we can expedite the process of calling your child(ren) from the car rider area in the building to your vehicle

  • Parents are not permitted to walk to the car rider area in the building, you must remain in the car loop

  • Do not cut in line

  • Do not stop in the left hand "Go Lane" to pick up your child(ren)

  • If you choose not to wait, you may park on the street or in a parking space and walk to the walker door and WAIT for a staff member to move your child from the car rider area to the walker door so that the student can be matched with you.

  • No child may be allowed to cross the parking lot without an adult with him or her

  • Do not call your child(ren) from the curb to come to the car

  • Do not attempt to hold a conversation with a staff member in the car line as this slows down the process


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