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Fill The Beak!


Page PTA re-envisioned the overall fundraising structure and launched a fundraising campaign identity, FILL THE BEAK! Most of you might be familiar with this term as it was mostly associated with technology donation drives that happened 1-2 times throughout the school year. Leveraging its familiarity, we now use it as our overarching campaign platform for many fundraising efforts throughout the  year. This includes donation drives, raffles, spirit nights, boosters, and other fundraising efforts tying  back to the overall FILL THE BEAK! campaign.


There are several benefits for bringing all our fundraising efforts under one campaign umbrella:

  1. One comprehensive fundraising goal

  2. Continuity across all fundraising efforts

  3. Visual identity for familiarity

  4. Goal tracking


FILL THE BEAK! Spirit Night

Several times throughout the year, you will be invited to dine at a local eatery. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the evening will go directly to the Page PTA. It is a fun and simple way to bring the community together to support the PTA and a local business at the same time. Members will be emailed about upcoming Spirit Nights or you can always check the main calendar on MemberHub



A new and exciting way to purchase raffle tickets for your chance at valuable prizes. We have partnered with our before/after care program providers, Kids After Hours, by supplying free week of Camp K.A.H. during the summer as the prize draw. Members will be alerted by email when we have a raffle in place. 


FILL THE BEAK! Donation Drive

There are times throughout the year where we do specific funding events to close the gap on our goal, or if a specific need has been raised that wasn't originally planned. It is a great way to easily give when the need is imminent.  GO NOW

Beak Booster

During the PTA membership purchase process, new members are also asked to become a Beak Booster by donating along with their membership purchase an additional donation that goes directly to the overall FILL THE BEAK! effort.  FIND OUT MORE



The PTA will host certain family focused events throughout the year that also help to raise additional funds for the school. These include, but are not limited to, school dances, spring fling, read-a-thon, and our scholastic book fair. 

Annual Book Fair

Each year, WT Page PTA takes part in the Scholastic Book Fair to raise funds and put the power of reading into the hands of our kids. It is always the biggest fundraiser of the year with 30% of purchases going to the PTA. The Book Fair even offers the ability for you to shop from the convenience of your own home across thousands of books and have them delivered straight to your door. 

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