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New Families + First Day Instructions


We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new PAGE families.


The goal of WT Page PTA is to make your family’s transition a smooth and successful one. We organize many events throughout the year to help you and your child(ren) feel welcome and excited to be part of our community.


Please review the calendar and plan to participate in our upcoming events such as our Annual Book Fair toward the beginning of the school year.

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We are eager to help you feel at home quickly and ensure you're up to date on everything that happens throughout the year.

  • Become a member of the Page PTA  (discounted prices offered early in the school year)

  • Meet people and feel involved and invested by volunteering for a committee or activity by visiting the Get Involved section

  • If you have questions not answered on our website, please do not hesitate to contact our PTA by emailing 

  • At Page Elementary, we are proud to use an app called ClassDojo, where you can stay in touch with your child's class, and communicate with the teachers and other parents. More information about ClassDojo will be shared in take home materials and at Back to School Night

  • Follow WT Page PTA on FacebookInstagram, and/or on Twitter


The list of items below will help your child to be comfortable during the school day:

  • Backpack | A backpack should be roomy enough to transport a lunch and important papers/homework to and from school, but not so big that your child struggles with it. Be sure that your child can open and close their backpack (and lunch box) by themselves (practice at home). Please check your child’s backpack/folder every day.

  • Labels | Put your child’s name somewhere on their lunchbox, snack containers, backpack, jacket, sweaters, etc. Any unlabeled lost items will be put in the “Lost and Found” located near the All Purpose Room.

Prepackaged School Supply Kits


Every student may receive a breakfast

WT Page Elementary qualifies for a free breakfast for every child if they wish to take it. The breakfast is available in the room from the time students are allowed up to their classroom until the school bell rings and class begins. If you have an account through, your account will not be charged.


Students will have a designated lunch time each day in the cafeteria. Students must either bring a lunch from home or purchase a lunch every day.

  • Lunch from home:  For students that bring their lunch from home, students will drop off their lunch bag/sack into a lunch bin each morning in their classroom. They will then retrieve their lunch bag/sack in the cafeteria 

  • Purchasing School Lunch: It is important that parents are familiar with the lunch purchase program for MCPS that is implemented at Page. Please review the information below in order to be prepared for your child to purchase a school supplied lunch.

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