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There Is No Wrong Way To PTA

W.T. Page's Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) exists to support your child's potential. It offers all parents and caregivers the opportunity to be engaged in their child's potential. PTA volunteers and membership dues help with: 

  • Educational enhancements 

  • Supplemental equipment to the school 

  • Fun community building events, and 

  • County and state advocacy


Being a member of the PTA means you are part of a powerful association and action plan focused on programs and initiatives that strengthen your child's education and family-school partnership.

However you PTA, it is an investment in your child

  • PTA to support your child's teachers and curriculum

  • PTA to advocate on issues impacting your child and affect change at the local, state, and national levels

  • PTA to build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive school community


There is no wrong way to PTA. We invite every family to participate because we can do more together than apart. 

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Volunteer Your Time

Volunteers are the life blood of any successful PTA and are a key  part of a vibrant school community. The WT Page PTA is always looking for volunteers to help with our events and to lend a helping hand. We appreciate your time as volunteers and try to make it fun and worthwhile. Each year we have an exciting line-up of events and activities, and we need teams of volunteers to make them successful. Learn more about requirements to volunteer in MCPS.

We need volunteers to participate and help lead in our committees. Consider being a part of a committee or heading one up. 

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Events & Activities


Teams of volunteers are needed to put on our many events and activities throughout the year

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Organizes the voice of the Page community to improve educational opportunities for Page and MCPS

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Communications Committee

Publishes all emails and social media posts to keep our members informed and connected

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Fundraising Committee

Engages the community and local business to provide financial support

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