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Feel Good Friday Back for 2021

At the end of 2020, the PTA implemented a "Feel Good Friday" strategy to help connect our Page community and our amazing Page staff. Each Friday an email is sent from the PTA that allows members of the community to send a simple email of appreciation to any Page staff member. Because of its success, the Feel Good Friday email is back in place for 2021.

Users simple need to click the link from the email they receive on Friday, and they are taken to a page to submit their Feel Good Friday email to a Page staff member. Then users choose any Page staff member from the drop down menu, and select the prepared options to create the email subject, body, and closing. It is fast and simple, and the Page staff is greatly appreciative of this simple gesture.

Thank you to all who continue to participate and show our amazing Page staff how much we value and appreciate their efforts each and every day.

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