MCPS Chromebook + Wifi Updated Plan

MCPS has loaned over 65,000 Chromebook (CB) computers and Wireless Internet Access equipment (eg. MiFi hotspots) when needed, however there are still students not able to access the online learning classrooms and materials needed to engage in MCPS’ Continuity of Learning programs currently offered. MCPS has provided the following plan to address this issue.

Chromebook/MiFi Community Support Tiered approach, with 3 distinct levels of support: ** Limited continuation of wide distribution locations for exchanges of equipment that doesn’t work, allowing people to pick up as well; (county-wide focused); ** Middle level – school, neighborhood, concentrated location level for targeted need.  There are maybe 10 or more schools right now that are distributing devices – their own initiative, small quantities (around 10-100 devices) (community focused); ** Individual level – getting to those who need devices but cannot get to the locations to get them.  Working with MCPS OSSI, Office of Student and Family Support and Engagement (OFSCE) and others to identify needs CB/MiFi Technical support hotline