Talking About COVID-19 With Your Kids

[The below was shared by Jade Gilchrist, our Parent Community Coordinator] The coronavirus (COVID-19) and our attempts to deal with it have had a large impact on society. Reports of positive cases of coronavirus and deaths from the coronavirus both in the United States and around the world continue to grow. We may know someone who has tested positive or their family. Our daily lives have been disrupted because of quarantines, businesses closing, school closures and needing to avoid contact with others. Non-stop media coverage and the spread of inaccurate information add to our worry and anxiety about how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Children often have a harder time coping with stress and anxiety than adults. They may lack the skills to deal with stress or feel confused about how to stay safe. Other children may not ask questions because they do not want to worry or upset adults. Talking with your children about coronavirus is encouraged to help them deal with the uncertainty and change they are experiencing. Below are some suggestions for talking about coronavirus with your kids: