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WT Page PTA Welcomes our Newest Board Members!

Tawanna Stokes has served as our Page PTA VP of Programs for one full year and will now be leading the Page PTA as the president! Prior to that she served as our Communications Committee chair, keeping our website up to date. She has two daughters in the immersion programs and has served many of the MCCPTA committees, as well as National PTA committees. She is currently the VP of Programs for the MCCPTA. Tawanna has been instrumental in our programs being successful this year and is always ready to help, support or lead an activity for our school!

Nacola Alexander is a statistician by trade, a wife, and a mother of three children. Her middle child is a proud Penguin and loves his Page family. Those communal bonds are what drive her to give her time and energy — to show up for her community. Nacola currently serves as Secretary for her Home Owners Association. She has served as the VP of Membership for the Cloverly Elementary School PTA (2019-2021) and continues to be an active PTA member. She hopes to remain supportive and to be of service to the Page community, as VP of Programs, for the 2023-2024 academic year. She looks forward to stepping into her new role as a Page PTA board member first-timer and working with her Page team. During her free time, she enjoys riding her bike that goes nowhere, frolicking on the beach, gardening, and spending quality time with her family.

Tina Chang has been a part of the Page PTA for the last 3 years. She has 3 kids and one of them is a rising 4th grader in the immersion program. She loves to bake and craft as a hobby. She also loves helping the Page community which she has done volunteering her time and talents helping to support our programs and Teacher Appreciation events! She is hoping to serve in a more formal capacity as the Page PTA VP of Membership, working with our Page Penguin families and volunteers.

Tsegaye is proud to share that he is married to a beautiful woman and the father of three children. Two of them are already at Page Elementary School in grades four and one. Getting involved in his kid's school activities has been on his to-do list for quite some time. He is interested in supporting in any way he can, and contribute to the school's quality education and safe school environment efforts. He is interested in serving as our new Fundraising Chair. With a background in engineering and finance, he has worked in finance for 10 years and is an expert on government budgets. Reading is something he enjoys in his free time.

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